Luxury Gifts For The Woman Who Want's Nothing

5 Gifts For The Woman Who Want’s Nothing


Luxury gifts are hard to think of when the person you’re buying for has everything and actually doesn’t ‘want’ anything else. They either buy whatever they are wanting on the spot or don’t love receiving gifts. Maybe you should ask them to take this love language quiz? Jokes aside, we’ve all been there, or been the person that says ‘don’t get me anything’ but would be secretly happy if a gift decided to make it’s way to my hands. Let’s break it down and figure out what you can give this person in your life.

How to Choose The Perfect Gift

We get it. Choosing a gift for someone can be so personal. You really want the other person to love it and get good use out of it - but what happens if you don’t know them that well or you’re trying to buy a gift for your best friend who already has everything? We’re going to lead you through the checklist we use to determine the “right” gift for everyone in our lives. You may want to take some notes!

1. Determine The Age Group

  • Quite possibly the most important piece of purchasing the right gift for someone is knowing the things that they would be into in their life stage
2. Interests
  • Think about their interests & move them into a category. Immediately moving them into a category will narrow down gift options.

    For example: Do they lean more toward style? This means home decor/or fashion. Are they super into food & drinks? Would they actually use bath & body products? If you’re unsure of any of these, don’t worry! We’ll talk about “neutral products” later

    3. Occasion 

    • This doesn’t change too many things but you may want to keep in mind whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift as opposed to a holiday or more celebratory gift. Then you can choose the contents of the gift with more clarity.

    4. What is their Deserted Island Item?

    • What are they bringing with them? Skincare? Chocolate? Coffee/Tea?      Cozy socks? Non-toxic hand soap? Alcohol?

      Unsure? If you’re screaming at your screen saying “Jordan, I DON’T KNOW! This is just a thank you gift for my realtor then stick with a candle, coffee or tea and some cozy socks or a hand soap. These items are pretty neutral, non-offensive and usually well-received.

      5. Choose Useful Items

      • Items that will almost always get “used” are candles, food, and hand soaps, Examples of items that are less likely to be used unless you know they love it: Bath, face and hair products, and home decor.
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        How To Make a Custom Gift Box

        Sometimes, the person who has everything also happens to be someone that we know really well. You know the things that they would like or dislike but can’t put your finger on actual products. The checklist above should get your wheels turning on what kinds of products they would go for. 

        But if it’s not, use our Create Your Own Tool to select the items you know they’ll love in 3 easy steps. Select products from our entire inventory, leave a love note and let us take care of the pretty packaging. We’ll even include a handwritten card with your very own message! 

        screenshot of build your own gift box feature

        If you’re going to attempt to make a gift box on your own accord, here are a few tips:

        1. Stay away from any sort of facial beauty products ( these are very personal and most of us are pretty particular, ya know?)
        2. Generic products don’t have to be boring or tacky. Ex: candles, socks, hand soap can all be super chic.
        3. People love food. Cookies, crackers, chips, etc. There are so many great, clean brands out there with really cute packaging. *Ahem* Makabi & Sons.
        4. If you know they’re into caffeine, coffee or matcha and a nice mug are always a good idea.

        What to Buy The Woman Who Has Everything

        Alright, we’re here with some actual gift ideas for the woman who has everything. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that they wouldn’t think to buy themselves, but would be nice to have. For example, I would never be mad at a pair of cozy socks, or any sort of cookie. I also want to remind you that yes, we want you to give a great gift but it’s really more about the gesture. You know that saying “it’s the thought that counts?” it’s true. You’re taking the time out of your day and hard earned dollars to get this person something special. The thought totally counts.

        1. The Matcha Morning, $95

        This gift is perfect for the woman who loves her matcha and a morning routine. She’s into muted colors and has ‘cool girl’ vibes.

        matcha themed gift box

        2.The Clean Home, $83

        The perfect addition to any minimal home space. She’s a fan of non-toxic cleaning products, appreciates a new candle and loves the morning sunlight.

        luxury gift box with homewares

        3.The Cozy Night In, $90

        As it’s title states - the person receiving this luxury gift box loves a night in on the couch. The house is clean, the candles are lit, the movie is on and all that’s left to do is relax.

        housewarming gift with hand soap, socks, spices and candle

        4.The Warm Hug, $69

        Who doesn’t want to give someone the feeling of a warm hug when they’re giving them a gift? Make them feel loved, even if you can’t be there IRL.

        spa day gift with bath soak

        5.The On The Go, $69

        She’s always running out the door and spilling coffee in her car, but loves a sustainable moment. The huskee mug in this gift is just that.

        coffee themed gift box with mug, chocolate bar and coffee

        If you’re looking for more options for a smaller gesture, check out our Gifts Under $75 Collection. 

        gift box with matcha tea, tea whisk and honey
        There are so many reasons to give someone a gift and we want to help you deliver. We’re here to help you brainstorm, custom brand, and show up for the people in your life. Feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas you’re thinking of, we love going through the process with you!
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