Corporate Gifts to Impress Your New Client

Everyone wants to impress their new clients with a welcome gift but isn’t the bottle of wine a little overdone? Gifts to clients should convey your brand or business in a way that feels natural to your values. We’re also huge proponents of functional gifts here at Rachel Rose Collective, and love to support small businesses. This is something that has become increasingly important in our world. In this post we’re discussing the importance of client gifting. We are also chatting about the benefits it could have on your business. Last but not least, we're sharing 5 corporate gift ideas to impress your new client.

When to Give Corporate Client Gifts

  1. Welcome; In the corporate world, it’s typical that you have clients that return over and over again. I mean - that’s the goal right? As we’ve heard many times throughout our lives, first impressions are everything. Sending a gift to welcome them to the team/firm/business as a client is a small gesture with a strong impression.
  2. Retain; Does your brand or business have a seasonality to it? Sending a gift to your past or current clients will put you top of mind. This will also help when they're making their decisions for the year.
  3. Thank You; Your client has taken the time to give you their precious time and money, thank them with something unique. Gone are the days of fruit baskets. We’re providing a unique opportunity to give gifts with purpose. Give something that they’ll actually use, instead of all of the cliche items that sadly, get thrown in the trash. For example, does your client constantly talk about how they have to have their matcha in the morning or they can’t function? Try sending them something like this.

I don’t think ‘corporate gifts’ have to actually be ‘corporate’ at all. They should be fun, useful, beautiful and speak to who you and your brand are as a whole.

The Benefits of Gifting

  1. The start of any new relationship has the potential to be something great and long lasting. A unique gift will send the message to your client that you are grateful to have them. This allows them to build trust with you.
  2. Once you’ve built your client relationships it’s important to ‘nurture’ that. There are so many other companies out there doing exactly what you do - but they chose YOU to work with. A gift is a great way for your clients to keep you at the top of their mind and continue to choose your brand or business.

At the end of the day everyone wants to feel heard and appreciated. This is what we are here to help you do. In fact, Forbes wrote an article on how much more important corporate gifting has become over the last two years, due to the pandemic. This totally makes sense! We weren’t able to conduct business in person as much as before and we’re still going through it. A client gift is a great way to let your client know that you’re there for them, even if you can’t be there in person.

5 Corporate Gifts to Impress Your New Client

  1. The Cozy Night In - This gift is inspired for the homebodies we’ve all become through the pandemic, but more importantly contains items that can be universally used. We all enjoy gifts that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside and the cozy night in, is just that. 
    gift box with hand soap, mini chocolate bars, a candle and spices
  2. The Morning Buzz - If you know that your client is constantly on the go (let’s be real, who isn’t?) than this coffee themed gift would be perfect for them. This gift includes a reusable mug that is made from recycled materials and super chic in design, which is ideal for your client and our environment. 
    coffee themed gift
  3. The Matcha Morning - The ultimate way to get started drinking matcha every morning? Have cute things to make it with. So many of our mornings are surrounded by rituals that make us feel happy and grounded. Whether that’s tea or coffee for your client - we know they’ll love this matcha essentials gift. 
    Matcha themed gift box with green tea towel
  4. The Cocktail Please - If you don’t have the time or live across the country from your client, buying them a drink may not be in the cards for you. This mini cocktail gift works perfectly as a thank-you gift! 
    mini cocktail box with maragrita mix, gold jigger and white candle
  5. The Clean Home - If you’re trying to steer away from food and beverage items, the clean home is a minimal, neutral gift. I think I can speak for everyone when I say a clean home is a happy home. Feeling organized and having a few things that make me happy are the best gift. The Clean Home is a few parts decor, and a few parts tastemaker, rounded out with some (super trendy) eco-friendly, reusable produce bags. 
    housewarming box with hand soap, mesh produce bags and spices

We know that purchasing gifts for clients or anyone in your life, for that matter, can be a daunting task. We all have certain expectations for what we would like to provide or the message we would like to convey, which makes gift giving so complex. We’ve created a Quiz to help you, if you’re feeling stuck. It will only take you about 2 minutes to complete and will then provide alternate gift suggestions based on your responses!

graphic for a gift quiz

What Kind of Businesses Give Client Gifts?

A ‘client gift’ can sound like it’s only for businesses that are working in high rise buildings. We’re here to tell you that, that’s just not the case. Some of our own clients who we send client gifts for work in social media, marketing, and events, to name a few.

 If you’re looking for something more custom or want to include branded items or packaging, please visit our Custom and Corporate page! There, you will find information on ways we can work together, how we can create your best gift ever and the greatest ways you can show up for your team this year. 

Meet Jordan Gossele

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Jordan Gossele is the owner of Rachel Rose Collective and chief gift designer. With a background in event planning, design and wellness, she really wanted to bring her passions together in a unique package. She's been curating and customizing gifts for corporate clients, weddings and events since 2021.

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